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Should I upgrade the exterior of my home?


Buyers and potential tenants are all influenced by their first impressions of your property. Most importantly, it's the first thing you see as you approach your home. If you plan to rent or sell your home, you will undoubtedly want the exterior to be in excellent condition. As previously said, initial impressions are critical and play a significant role in decision-making.

If you do not want to sell or rent your home, but merely wish to renovate its exterior, Distinctive Renovations can design, develop, and construct your ideal dream home. A beautiful new wraparound porch, brick or stone accents, and new elegant exterior shutters will transform your home.

Distinctive Renovations and General Contracting Exterior Renovations League City
Innovative Designs By Creative Minds (30)_edited.png
  • Full Exterior Renovation

  • Partial Exterior Renovation

  • Siding

  • Stone, Brick, or Panel Accents

  • Patching and Painting

  • Window Replacement and Installation

  • Window Enlargement

  • Add-ons: sunroom, additional storage spaces, decks

  • Open porch, closed porch, wrap-around porch, screened porch

Is it possible to sell my house for a better price if I renovate it?


The answer is simple: yes. A home that has been remodeled is more valuable. As a result, you can list it at a higher price. Here's an example: Let's say there are two identical houses in the same neighborhood and on the same street. One house features a renovated kitchen and bathroom, freshly painted rooms and hardwood floors, while the other house is a bit run-down and needs some updating. The home with the improvements will be more valuable and sell much faster.

Let's Work Together!

Contact Us for more information on how Distinctive Renovations can make the space you have not, the space you want!

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