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3 Ultimate Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The kitchen is an essential room in the house. Every time you feel hungry or crave your favorite snack, you probably make a trip to the kitchen. The kitchen may also be where you and your family gather in the morning for a meal before you leave for your daily activities.

The kitchen gives you space to nourish your body. And what better way to satisfy your stomach than in a beautiful place? If your kitchen's look has gotten a bit boring, a few changes here and there are what you need to give it life. Discover three remodeling tips we recommend to upgrade your kitchen's look.

1. Change Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the biggest fixtures that stand out in your kitchen. Thus, they interfere with the kitchen's aesthetic if they do not look good. Make your kitchen stand out with bold cabinet designs.

If your kitchen feels cramped, white cabinets can make the space look wider. Whereas, wood cabinets are currently trending, and they give your kitchen a country-style rustic look. We can also customize your kitchen cabinets to fit your personal style.

For instance, if you like Victorian-era styles, you can replace your cabinet handles with Victorian door knobs. Decorated glass panels are an excellent choice if you love art. We can also repaint your cabinets with a bold color.

Open shelving is another way to add an interesting touch to your kitchen storage and make it look spacious. Replace some cabinets with floating shelves where you can display your assorted spices, cookbooks, and fancy cutlery.

2. Add a Kitchen Island

Knock down a wall and replace it with an island to open up your kitchen! An island is an excellent place to gather with your family for meals. The space makes the kitchen feel and look more inviting and can also add to your kitchen's functionality.

An island provides a wider surface for meal preparation, serving, and dining. If you have small kids, replacing your kitchen wall with an island allows you to watch them as you cook, so you can build precious memories with your family.

You can add power outlets to the island beneath the counters or within them, so you can quickly plug in the toaster as you make breakfast for your family. Islands are also a great place to add extra storage. Instead of keeping your blender or toaster on your kitchen counter, add a designated cabinet for it on the island. The customization options are endless!

3. Resurface or Replace Your Countertops

Kitchen countertops experience most of the activities in the kitchen. You likely place hot pots on your countertop, slice fruits, and mix ingredients on them. After some time, your kitchen countertops will start to look worse due to wear.

If your budget allows, replace your countertops with a sturdy material like quartz that is durable and can withstand the rigors of daily use. Quartz countertops are nonporous. Therefore, you do not need to seal them. They are also scratch resistant and maintain their flawless look for years.

If you need to remodel on a budget, you can resurface your countertops! Cover your outdated laminate with tile. Alternatively, install a new laminate over the old one. Granite sheets are also an affordable, long-lasting material for resurfacing kitchen countertops.

You might not spend all day in the kitchen, but that does not mean it should look boring. Renovating your kitchen is an opportunity to make your kitchen more welcoming. You can create new memories by making simple changes.

Ready to revamp your kitchen? Contact us today and let us partner with you on your remodeling project. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about your kitchen remodeling needs.

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