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4 Things You Should Know About Renovating Your Bathroom

Updated: Feb 9

Here’s the thing: A bathroom remodel is anything but simple. It takes time, costs money, and can feel like a seemingly unending nightmare at times. Moreover, a lot goes into it. And unless you are a professional who does remodeling jobs for a living or a homeowner who has been through the process a couple of times, the many details and decisions can be quite overwhelming. But it can all be worth it if you make the right choices.

Undertaking a bathroom remodeling project serves several purposes. For some, it is about transforming the state of the room and making it more spacious, utilitarian, or updated. For others, it could be a status symbol or a means to add a personal touch to their home. Nevertheless, any remodel can be a significant investment, which is why you should think twice before you decide to go in unprepared. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom but are unsure about where to start, we are here to help.

Read on for a few things you should know and do for a successful bathroom remodel:

  • Discuss your needs before the project begins Before you start falling in love with a vintage vanity or a clawfoot tub – before you even start coming up with a new bathroom design – talk to a bathroom remodel contractor. Talk about your needs and expectations. For instance, let them know about your daily routine, how many people will use the bathroom, what you don’t like about your current bathroom, and so on. Even though it might seem like these questions have no impact on your bathroom needs, they do.

  • Find design inspiration Since bathroom remodels do come with a price tag, you should always have a proper plan in place. Before you start tearing down walls or ripping up tiles, have an idea of what you want the revamped space to look and feel like. The internet, interior design magazines, and social media can be some great sources of inspiration.

  • Consider your budget You have to be realistic about your budget. Put your expectations into perspective in terms of how much money you can comfortably spend on the project. Depending on the size of the bathroom, features, and materials, costs can vary from a few thousand dollars to six figures. Look at your finances to get a better idea of which aspects of the renovation will be the most practical and feasible choices.

  • Know your materials If you want to make the best choices for your bathroom without breaking the bank, learn about the materials you can pick from. Discuss with your contractor to know your options. Learn about the different types of tiles for the walls. Natural stone is a premium building material that looks sophisticated and bold. You can also pick wallpaper for your bathroom, as long as it is out of the splashing zone.

If you want to make your bathroom more functional and aesthetically appealing, get in touch with us at Distinctive Renovations & General Contracting. We offer a premium range of remodeling and renovation services, including bathroom renovation services, at affordable prices. Whether you want a full or partial bathroom renovation, we can do it for you within your budget. Check out our website for more information.

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